Waiting for His Coming

Powerful day with the North Side family!  It is simply amazing watching the church be the church!

Today’s services:

  • Reading – Isaiah 40:28-31
  • Everlasting God – North Side Worship
  • Christ Be All Around Me – Michael W. Smith
  • Prayer Time (we have 11 Baptist churches in our community without a pastor and we split into groups, choose one of them, and prayed for God to move among them today)
  • Good, Good Father – Housefires
  • There Is a Fountain – North Side Worship
  • Sermon – Waiting for His Coming (Isaiah 40)
  • While I’m Waiting – John Waller


Sermon Notes

  1. Hebrew for “comfort” means “breathe” (Is. 40:1).
  2. If God doesn’t discipline me, I don’t belong to him.
  3. Clear the path!  Make room (Is. 40:3)!
  4. When Jesus comes, everything will change!
  5. The Bible will never have a limited “shelf-life” (Is. 40:8).
  6. Let God’s people know – he’s coming (Is. 40:9)!
  7. God is in control over every kingdom, authority, and election (Is. 40:21-23).
  8. God has not forgotten us (Is. 40:26).
  9. The everlasting God (Is. 40:28) has an everlasting Word (Is. 40:8).
  10. I can’t even search through his understanding – let alone comprehend it (Is. 40:28).
  11. There are times we are given enough strength to soar, to run, or just to walk (Is. 40:31).  Whichever amount we receive, just keep moving.
  12. When I can’t fly, I run. When I can’t run, I walk. It doesn’t matter how I get there as long as I get there!
  13. God has never once been exhausted (Is. 40:28).
  14. Waiting on God is not like waiting on someone else.
  15. While we wait for the LORD to fulfill his promise, we stay faithful fulfilling his commandments (Is. 40:31).