Trusting God’s Sovereignty

Powerful day focusing on Isaiah 45 today!  We tried to do some minor tweaking to the service to allow people to prepare to meet with God.  It was pretty special seeing people quiet their souls before we began.

Today’s service (well, at least the 11:00, we changed some things around on the spot at 9:30):

  • Are You Washed in the Blood? – North Side Worship
  • There Is a Fountain – North Side Worship
  • Baptism
  • There Is Power in the Blood – North Side Worship
  • Nothing But the Blood – North Side Worship
  • Prayer Time
  • Sermon – Trusting God’s Sovereignty
  • Good, Good Father – Housefires

We did 4 of the hymns from the collection we are doing at The Old Rugged Cross.  Loved singing these songs about the cross!  I love how the team has made these arrangements come alive!

Sermon Notes

Sermon from Isaiah 45.  Here’s some of my notes:

  1. Cyrus, this pagan king of Persia, yet unborn, is already anointed by God for a special purpose (Is. 45:1).
  2. This is not looking back on what God has done, it is looking forward to what God will do.
  3. God is completely sovereign.
  4. Righteousness must come from above (Is. 45:8).
  5. There is never a better way than God’s way (Is. 45:9).
  6. This people didn’t agree with God’s plan.  A pagan Gentile serving as the Jewish messiah (Is. 45:1, 9).
  7. God has his glory and my good in mind.