The Great Invitation


I love every Sunday, but Easter Sunday is especially rowdy!  This year was no different.  After a weekend full of “The Old Rugged Cross” services, we had incredible services on Sunday morning as we focused on Isaiah 55 and celebrated the great invitation given to us by God.

Services were packed and it was so good to meet many new visitors!  Loved hearing our church worship today – so authentic and passionate!

Service Order

  • Risen – North Side Worship
  • Christ the Lord Is Risen Today – North Side Worship
  • Video – He’s Still Risen
  • Nothing But the Blood – North Side Worship
  • Are You Washed in the Blood? – North Side Worship
  • Prayer Time
  • Video – Salome at the Tomb
  • Sermon – The Great Invitation (Is. 55:1-3, 10-11)
  • Jesus Paid It All – North Side Worship

I was asked about many of these songs.  “Risen” comes from our “Knowing Jesus” project.  All the other songs were hymns we arranged for our Easter services.  We had a live recording Friday and Saturday and these hymns (13 total) will be on a CD released in the end of April.  I can’t wait to get “The Old Rugged Cross” into your hands!

Sermon Notes

  1. Water gives life, milk gives strength, and wine gives celebration. God offers them all (Is. 55:1).
  2. God talks to those who are thirsty, broke, and desperate.
  3. Some people are no longer thirsty, but they still are not satisfied.
  4. Why do people spend their entire lives pursuing things that do not satisfy (Is. 55:2)?
  5. God’s Word is enough.

I had some incredible conversations with folks today.  Amazing to watch God at work in lives.  Can’t wait for our crew to follow-up with all the visitors and those with questions from this weekend.

Jesus is risen, and he is still changing lives today!