A New Heaven and a New Earth

I had the honor of heading over to Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church this morning.  I took a team of North Side Worship leaders and we led worship and I got to preach for two services, and I taught a class in the middle.  Wonderful day with these wonderful folks!  I got the privilege to spend the weekend with their student ministry and youth pastor, Jason McLeod.

I first met Jason while working on The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible Study with the Kendrick Brothers.  Jason was raised in Sherwood (you might remember him from the death crawl scene in Facing the Giants), and when I was last in Albany, he was about to move to become a youth pastor in Laurens.  We have struck up a friendship, and I love this brother – such genuine pastoral heart and passion for Jesus!

This was such a wonderful time with our family over in Laurens!  Love what God did among us over the weekend!

Incredible weekend serving alongside my brother, Jason McLeod! Love this guy's heart and passion for Jesus!

Meanwhile, over at North Side, I am hearing so many great things about Dick’s message from Isaiah 66, the wonderful worship team leading, and so many highlights from groups and meetings.

The day has been kinda crazy, but I am thankful to be in the service of my King!  Exhausted, yet pursuing (Jud. 8:4)!

This was my schedule for the day:

Lead worship, preach, teach class, lead worship, preach, counseling session, parent meeting, discipleship group, and now I need Cookout.

Service Order

  • Sing to the King – Billy and Cindy Foote
  • When I Think About the Lord – Jason Breland
  • Announcements and Prayer Time
  • Truth Kids Highlight
  • Mission Video
  • Hallelujah, What a Savior – North Side Worship
  • Sermon – A New Heaven and a New Earth
  • Faithful and True – North Side Worship

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