Gospel Transformation

Exciting day to worship as our church family.  It was our 2nd week in Romans, and it was so great to center our services around Romans 1:8-15.

Loved seeing all our college students coming back into town!  We’ve missed you and glad everyone is rolling back into Greenwood over the weekend.

Service Order

  • Here for You – Chris Tomlin
  • Prayer Time
  • No Longer Slaves – I Am They
  • It Really Does Matter – Membership Matters
  • Amazing Grace – North Side Worship
  • Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher
  • Sermon – Gospel Transformation (Rom. 1:8-15)

Sermon Notes

  1. If I am thankful for what someone has done, ultimately, I am thankful for what God has done (Rom. 1:8).
  2. Salvation is much more than just being forgiven.
  3. The gospel changes our very nature.
  4. Born again people desire to grow (Rom. 1:12).
  5. Can’t push past God’s will and timing.