Holiness and Sexual Immorality

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

Main Points

  1. The reason holiness is so elusive to us is because we judge it by the world’s standard instead of the Word’s standard.
  2. Most of our presumed holiness is based on a comparison to the world rather than an evaluation from the Word.
  3. In this life, holiness is a pursuit and not a destination.
  4. If you are in Christ, God’s will for your life is personal holiness.
  5. Your personal level of holiness will never move beyond your ability to handle sexual temptation.
  6. Lust is pursuing a good gift from God at the wrong time and in the wrong way.
  7. If you truly know God, then your entire body should reflect that reality.
  8. When you allow lust to go unchallenged, you sin against yourself, others, and God.