This Is the House That God Built

After God’s Own Heart

This Is the House That God Built (2 Sam. 7)

  • David wanted to honor God by building him a house, but God had a greater house of which David could never build.
  • The greatest work of our lives will not be what we do for God but what God has done for us.

The King’s Plan (2 Sam. 7:1-7)

  • A dream for God and a dream from God are both noble, but only one should be carried out.
  • God is not mandated to act upon our most brilliant plans.
  • God’s presence is not restricted to a place but reserved for a people (vv. 5-7, 9).

The LORD’s Promise (2 Sam. 7:8-17)

  • God’s grace is never contingent upon our works.
  • Even death (vv. 12-13), sin (vv.14-15), and time (v. 16) cannot deter God’s promises.
  • The Davidic covenant promises a forever-reigning king who would come from this family.

The Worshiper’s Prayer (2 Sam. 7:18-29)

  • The only proper response to the LORD’s unstoppable promises is unhindered praise.
  • God rescues us from our bondage to reclaim us for his possession.
  • The surest of prayers are those founded in God’s promises.