7 Reasons People Don’t Meet Their Goals

We all have more goals that we talk about than we actually accomplish.  Have you ever wondered why?

In the book Your Best Year Ever, Michael Hyatt teaches how to make SMARTER goals that you can actually accomplish.  

Here are 7 reasons why some people don’t meet their goals:

  1. The goal isn’t Specific.  Too many people are too vague in the goals they set.  Your goal must be specific to be accomplished.
  2. The goal isn’t Measurable.  There’s a difference in saying you want to get healthier or you want to go running three times a week.  Strive to find objective markers that can measure your goals.
  3. The goal isn’t Actionable. If you can’t communicate your goal with a strong action verb, you may not accomplish it.   
  4. The goal isn’t Risky.  If the goal is too easily attainable, it’s really just managing the norm.  Is your goal risky enough for you to have to put more into it to ensure it happens?
  5. The goal isn’t Time-keyed.  You need to be realistic yet firm deadlines to ensure you meet your goals.
  6. The goal isn’t Exciting.  Whatever you set a goal for should be personally compelling.  If you aren’t eager about completing it, you probably won’t.
  7. The goal isn’t Relevant.  Your goal should find alignment with your life currently.  If it has immediate benefit to you, you are more prone to be diligent with it. 

Are you trying to make some goals?  Make sure they are SMARTER than the ones you have made before.

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Actionable
  4. Risky
  5. Time-Keyed
  6. Exciting
  7. Relevant