Consequences: The Unfortunate Reality

After making a bad decision, we are often left with the unfortunate reality of consequences. How should we go forward when we are dealing with effects from previous decisions?

Why Am I Going Through This Situation?

  • Is God trying to teach me a lesson?
  • Is Satan trying to take me down?
  • Are enemies trying to frustrate me?
  • Are my consequences coming back to bite me?
  • If God is testing me, let me be found faithful.
  • If Satan is tempting me, let me be found faithful.
  • If enemies are trying me, let me be found faithful.
  • If consequences are troubling me, let me be found faithful.

Process the Situation

  • If I could press rewind, what would I do differently?
  • What circumstances were beyond my control?
  • What am I unable to change right now?

Wisdom from the Word

  • Deuteronomy 28
    • You cannot bypass your consequences, but you can avoid adding to them.
    • Instead of agonizing your decisions in the past, prioritize making wiser ones in the present.
  • 2 Kings 22-23
    • Negligence of God’s Word can lead to consequences from God’s hand.
    • Even if God graciously removes consequences, do what you can do to ensure others won’t experience them either.
  • Galatians 6
    • Accept consequences as God’s gracious warning against further disobedience.
    • Your life will reap the most whatever you sow the most.

Tips for the Journey

  • Failure to learn from previous mistakes invites you to repeat them.
  • If you constantly play the victim, you will always feel defeated.
  • You are only responsible for your contribution to the situation.
  • Blaming others might alleviate guilt, but it will not promote healing.
  • You cannot change what you have done, but you can change what you will do now.