Honor, Dishonor, and When She-Bears Get Involved

Preached at North Greenville University BCM

2 Kings 2:1-25

When the mantle of leadership passed from Elijah to Elisha, we read of two extremes related to honoring those who go before us. In humility, we must not dismiss God’s ability to influence our lives through the mentors he has given us.

  • Since the original sin, Mankind has desperately sought authority instead of accountability.
  • Our natural propensity to dishonor reveals the level of pride festering within our hearts.
  • 2 Kings 2
  • As Elijah made his final trek, Elisha wanted to accompany his mentor every step of the way (2:1-8).
  • Elisha’s single request was to have a double portion of his spiritual father’s ability to continue the work (2:9-14).
  • As Elisha initiated this new stage of ministry, God severely punished those who dishonored his prophet (2:15-25).
  • An indicator of spiritual health can be observed by how we honor those who have gone before us.
  • It’s hard to learn from someone if you know it all.
  • It’s a particular level of audacity to think you can do something better than someone who has been doing it longer than you’ve been alive.
  • Consider
  • Don’t dismiss God’s ability to impact your life by the mentors he has been intentional to place around you.
  • Consider how your God-given authorities would describe your attitude towards them.
  • Realize that God takes personally how you treat those made in his image.