Muzzling Lions

Daniel refused to pray to the king and was cast into the lion’s den because of his devotion. Not only did his bold stance make a statement about his faith, but it successfully witnessed to others as well.

Daniel 6:1-28


  • King Darius gave Daniel a pivotal position in establishing the new kingdom because he trusted in the excellent spirit apparent in him (6:1-9).
  • When a political law contradicted Daniel’s religious devotion, he unashamedly practiced civil disobedience, fully aware of the consequences (6:10-18).
  • God was able to save Daniel from the dangerous lions, and He was able to put the nation on notice regarding His undeniable power (6:19-28).


  • Governmental powers consistently want people to believe that God’s blessings are channeled through their control (6:7).
  • No one can cram for a test of adversity, so we better prepare along the way (6:10).
  • Our rebellion always affects the people closest to us (6:24).


  • Let the only complaint people have about you is how consistent you are with your God.
  • Make your spiritual habits directed towards God and unashamed if witnessed by others.
  • If following God brought you to it, trusting God will bring you through it.
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