Throwing Truth to the Ground

Daniel 8:1-27

In Daniel’s remarkably detailed vision of two coming kingdoms, God’s enemies are described as those who throw truth to the ground. No matter how powerful they may seem, God’s truth will endure, and He will ultimately defeat every remaining opposition.

  • Chapter 7 provided a grand view of the end times, while chapter 8 highlighted the immediate future for God’s people.
  • God revealed to Daniel precise details of the next few centuries and foreshadowing common characteristics of future opposition.

The Vision (8:1-14)

  • The ram with unequal horns represented two united kingdoms that would overthrow Babylon (8:3-4).
  • The furious goat represented a world power that would conquer quickly but divide shortly after (8:5-8).
  • The dangerous horn represented a leader who would defy God and torment God’s people for a limited time (8:9-14).

The Interpretation (8:15-27)

  • God is always ready to assist His children in comprehending the truth of His Word by any means necessary (8:15-17).
  • History proves that the vision of Daniel is so thoroughly accurate that critics doubt its authenticity.
  • God has allowed and will allow worldly powers to discipline His people (8:23).

The Application

  • The spirit of the Antichrist is present in anyone who throws truth to the ground (8:12).
  • If God’s Word was this precise to Daniel, we can undoubtedly trust His promises now.
  • The best thing you can do in light of God’s revelation of the future is to stay faithful in the present (8:27).