The Spiritual Warfare All Around Us

Daniel 10:1-21

God sent messengers to Daniel to reveal how earthly conflicts are connected to spiritual warfare. If we don’t acknowledge that we are in a war, we will most definitely experience significant defeat.

The quickest way to lose a battle is to forget that you are in a war.

The Context (10:1-3)

  • A remnant returned to rebuild Jerusalem, but Daniel was greatly burdened with the knowledge of their ongoing conflict (1).
  • Daniel applied intentional and costly effort to discern God’s direction (2-3).

The Vision (10:4-9)

  • God helps us not by showing us more of our circumstances but revealing more of Himself (4-6).
  • If you see God for who He truly is, you will not leave thinking more about yourself (7-9).

The Conflict (10:10-17)

  • Behind every earthly battle, there is a spiritual war raging beyond our vantage point (10-12).
  • Demonic forces work in people and among governments to oppose God’s Kingdom work (13-17).

The Encouragement (10:18-21)

  • The only way to endure Satan’s great opposition is to be confident of God’s great love (18-19).
  • If you have recently experienced spiritual victory, you should anticipate additional conflicts (20-21).


  • A demon probably isn’t behind all of your problems.
  • A demon probably is behind some of your problems.
  • You don’t fight spiritual battles with physical means (Eph. 6:10-20).