If Thoughts Could Kill

Matthew 5:21-26

Jesus taught that just because your anger may not lead to murder does not mean that your thoughts are unclassified as sin. Unaddressed anger must be confronted in our lives.

  • External actions reveal internal attitudes.
  • Each of us is known by what makes us angry and how we handle it.

Address Anger (21-22)

  • Murder is a symptom; anger is the sickness.
  • Insulting others is attempting to empty them of their worth.
  • Judging another’s spiritual condition is actually an indication of our own.

Pursue Reconciliation (23-24)

  • You cannot fully worship your Father if you permit unresolved conflict with your brothers and sisters.
  • If you are aware of the separation, do what you can to pursue reconciliation.

Settle Up (25-26)

  • Do whatever is necessary to diffuse relational conflict.
  • Drama will always escalate until someone gets intentional about disrupting the pattern.
  • If thoughts could kill, every single one of us would be on death row.
  • The undeserving grace of Jesus should motivate us to reconcile with those for which He died.