The Danger of Distraction

We often find ourselves distracted by so much that we miss the most important things. If you feel too overwhelmed with distractions, you must evaluate and alter your habits to experience the life Jesus intends for you.

Luke 10:38-42

The Problem

  • We are a culture that normalizes stress and neglects stillness.
  • Our deadlines and devices have programmed us to welcome interruptions.
  • The constant barrage of distractions confuses our identity and endangers our activity. 

The Passage

  • The intentional pace of Jesus reveals an unhurried commitment to fostering relationships (10:38-39).
  • Martha wasn’t doing bad things – she was simply distracted by lesser things (10:40).
  • It is far simpler being productive for the Lord rather than being present with the Lord.
  • When we live frantically, our sole motivation to connect with Jesus is for Him to address our agenda (10:40).
  • Plenty of things can trouble us, but only Christ can transform us (10:41).
  • This world can never take away what happens when we slow our souls to meet with Jesus (10:42).
  • Some of us like to stay so busy and distracted because we are afraid of what we might discover if we get still.

The Process

  • Identify the most successful distractions in your life right now.
  • Evaluate what you are trying to escape when you succumb to the distractions.
  • Attempt to cut your digital devotion by half of your average time for the next week.
  • Determine what relationships you want to prioritize this week and make a plan for them.