God’s Will Regarding Your Purity

All of us want to know God’s will for our lives, and God graciously defines it in many ways – including our purity. God desires that we would grow in Christ and not be sidetracked by lust and immorality.

1 Thessalonians 4:1-7

You can exemplify righteousness in numerous areas yet be derailed due to sexual immorality.

God’s Will Is Found in Scripture (4:1-2)

  • Don’t get complacent in present battles by resting on past victories (4:1).
  • God’s Word must define our standard for purity, or we will gradually permit anything imaginable (4:2).

God’s Will Is Found in Sanctification (4:3-7)

  • You cannot be in God’s will if you yield to sexual immorality (πορνειας) without a fight (4:3).
  • Your spiritual condition is affected by how you handle your physical desires (4:4).
  • It’s a shame when Christians lose their witness because their sensual behavior is no different than the world’s (4:5).
  • Sexual sin is always an offense against God and someone else (4:6).  
  • Many Christians miss opportunities from God because they are consumed with sensual desires (4:7).

God’s Will Is Found in Satisfaction

  • Decide whose standard you will accept
  • Devote that your needs must be met God’s way
  • Determine what consistently causes you to fail
  • Diminish your opportunities for temptation