The Entrust Podcast

There’s a new name. A new logo. What’s happening? We’re so glad you asked. Hear what God is doing through the Entrust Institute and our plans for the coming year.

In the podcast episode above, hear about the origin of Equip, its transformation into Entrust, the current ministry training opportunity, and the courses available for 2023.

2023 Course Listing

Missions – Winter/Spring 2023

Trace the movement of the mission of God throughout the pages of Scripture and the history of the Church. Learn what Christ has called us to do worldwide, and discover how you can be involved.

Servant Leadership – Summer 2023

According to the practice of Jesus, His way of leadership is counter-cultural. Discover the biblical truths of authentic leadership and how you can leverage that in your life for the glory of God and the good of others.

Evangelism – Fall 2023

You don’t have to be crippled in fear when sharing the good news of Jesus with others. Learn how to share the gospel confidently in a manner that is faithful to the biblical message and with a method that is adaptable to each individual.

Spiritual Warfare – Spring 2023

North Greenville University is hosting the Entrust Conference in partnership with the Entrust Institute and Rocky Creek. The topic of this year’s conference is Spiritual Warfare. Dr. Chuck Lawless will lead the weekend for any individual wanting to go deeper into this topic or any student desiring course credit (CM 5006 – Angelology and Spiritual Warfare).

Register for the Conference Here