Deuteronomy 4:32-35 – From the very beginning, God graciously created an opportunity to know Him. No matter how frequent Mankind’s rebellion proved to be, God was relentless to redeem.

[These notes are taken from 1 of 4 sermons preached at the Converge Conference navigating through the grand narrative of Scripture.]


  • God created the heavens and the earth.
    • The ideal was God’s people dwelling in God’s place, delighting in God’s presence.
  • Mankind rebelled, trying to prove their worth.
    • Sin casts us out, but a Savior will bring us back.
  • Sin escalated to the shedding of blood.
    • The more distant we grow from God, the more disobedient we become.
  • God’s wrath was displayed in the form of a flood.
    • All creation was covered by God’s wrath or covered from it. 
  • One was blessed to be a blessing.
    • Forward faith was the only hope for redeeming righteousness.
  • A nation promised; a Messiah coming.
    • The only hope for God’s people to survive was in a sacrificial son, obedient to his father.
  • A people rescued out from slavery.
    • A sacrifice must take our place for God to pass over our sin.
  • The Law was given to show their inability.
    • God’s instructions are a path for the redeemed – not a prerequisite.
  • Finally settled into the Promised Land.
    • God would do everything necessary to bring His rebellious people home safely.