Planning with a Purpose

Breakout Session at SCBC Onward Conference 2023

If you want to break the weekly cycle of aimlessly planning worship services, you can plan with a purpose. Considering your church and team, you can learn how to improve your ability to design intentional worship gatherings.

What Kind of Leader Are You?

  • Wing It
  • Last Minute It
  • Overcommunicate It
  • Limit It

What Kind of Leader Do You Have?

  • Saturday Night Special
  • Sunday Morning Switch
  • Monday Micromanager
  • Daily Disinterested


  • Pray
    • If you believe that God knows what is best for the gathering, it is best to consult Him about it.
  • Study
    • Meditate on the sermon’s passage to discover the biblical principle that the Spirit desires to communicate.
  • Design
    • Create a worship blueprint that unifies all elements of the service toward that biblical truth.
  • Consider
    • Evaluate the church’s calendar so you can be proactive in what needs to be presented.
  • Survey
    • Evaluate the surrounding services for any helpful changes.
  • Confirm
    • Present the service order to someone else for desired feedback.
  • Schedule
    • Provide clear assignments to your team so that all personalities have adequate time to prepare.


  • Defining Deadlines
    • Create a template for how you will ensure to have complete worship guides for your team members on steady rhythms.
  • Monthly Planning
    • If you can plan for a month at a time, you can better evaluate your level of freshness in songs, elements, and people.
  • New Songs
    • When you introduce new songs, ensure that establish it by multiple usage.