Love Your Kids By Prioritizing Your Spouse

As you lovingly teach your children that your spouse comes first, you are modeling healthy marriage for them, maintaining emotional security for them, and maturing your own marriage before them. Never neglect the task of shepherding your children in the ways of the Lord (Prov. 22:6; Eph. 6:4), but never forget that one of the main ways you can do that is by loving their other parent.

The Looming Decision for COVID Education

I have talked with so many parents who are concerned with the unknown situation regarding their children’s education during these anxious times we live in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now in July, and most parents are holding their breath awaiting an imminent decision with serious implications.

What Pornography Does to a Marriage

In many homes, the marriage is overcrowded due to how one or both partners have consumed pornography. This voyeuristic pandemic is robbing couples of marital oneness and sexual enjoyment.

Committed Yet Disconnected

As Jesus’ ministry grew, His circle of friends grew as well. While He called out 12 disciples to specific service, there was a growing number of disciples as well who were not counted within that initial group. Some of His nearest disciples proved to be two sisters named Martha and Mary. Jesus resurrected their brother, Lazarus, from the grave. When …


Eliminate Distractions

How distracted are you? What about others in your life? How preoccupied is your child? We live in a time when we are barraged with constant distractions. The pace of our lives and the setup of our technology has our minds in frantic disarray. Even as you read this short article, most likely, your mind will wander to your device …


These Are My Sons [Both of Them]

These are my sons. Both of them. I have been asked before, “Are they really your sons?” “Oh, they are both quite real, so then I would suppose they are both really my sons.” They are my sons, and they are brothers. Real brothers. You might think I look at them differently. You are right. I do look at them …


You Are Teaching Your Child Something

Every parent is teaching every child something. But is it really what you want him or her to learn? I often hear parents comment on how they struggle to teach their children anything. That is simply untrue. We teach our children something every single day. The greatest pursuit of our lives comes through our speech, actions, and reactions. Every parent …


What Hindrance Is Keeping Your Family from Jesus?

You want your family to follow Jesus. I’m right there with you. But each person has unique challenges to getting an adequate view. As you think about your family today, what greatest hindrances block their connection to Jesus? Doubt – Maybe your family member has intellectual blockades that oppose the idea that God is with him or her. Guilt – …