Eliminate Distractions

How distracted are you? What about others in your life? How preoccupied is your child? We live in a time when we are barraged with constant distractions.

The pace of our lives and the setup of our technology has our minds in frantic disarray.

Even as you read this short article, most likely, your mind will wander to your device (or another app if you are reading this article on your device). 

As we grow increasingly more accessible to the entire world all at once, we also grow decreasingly connected to the Lord and those physically around us. We are often more present for people on our device than we are for people in the room. 

  • How have you seen technology change in your lifetime?
  • What are your greatest concerns for your child’s digital attachments right now?
  • What do you think is on the cultural horizon for technology going forward?

While our devices keep us distracted, our schedules keep us hectic, and our responsibilities keep us stressed, we must learn how to fight for rest in our lives. Amidst all the striving, are you able to be still and seek Jesus? He is our rest.

Find time to spend with Jesus and eliminate as many distractions as possible.

I would recommend putting your phone and other electronics away from you where they are not easily accessible. Get a plan of what you will read and what you will pray, and discover how needed some quiet time with your Savior really can be.