An Overview of Daniel

Have you ever desired to understand the Book of Daniel? Learn some insights into the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Daniel’s account motivates God’s people to remain faithful despite exilic times.

Just Because We Are Unreliable Doesn’t Mean That God Is

Along the way, we make God pay for the mistakes of others. For all the people who have proven to be unreliable, we associate their nature with God’s nature. We stare at the promises of God and demand that we receive a deadline of when they will come to pass.


While Jesus’ death seemed like a shocking defeat to his followers, the crucifixion of Christ was God’s plan all along. By studying the context of the event, we can understand what Jesus truly accomplished.

My COVID-19 Test Results

When I heard they were testing for the COVID-19 antibodies at the Blood Connection, my curiosity was killing me. You see, I thought I had “the Rona” back in February. I was shocked by the results.


Jesus’ ministry was framed around his association with two critical groups of people: sinners and self-righteous. To understand these complex dynamics reveals the nature of Jesus’ approach. Download Handout – 10 – Associations Video Audio The Sinners Jesus was the easiest on the sinners and the toughest on the self-righteous. Jesus was often criticized for …



Jesus’ calling of the disciples displayed the attribute of grace. When you look at this unique group of men he chose, there isn’t anything special about them. They weren’t obvious choices, and yet, they were Jesus’ choices. Due to that reason, they would develop into what Christ had called them to be. DOWNLOAD HANDOUT – …


Psalms [Vol. 2] – Series Overview

I cannot wait to begin our summer series on June 7th – Psalms [Vol. 2]. Here is the rundown of the series. Reasoning The psalms teach us how to speak to God. We all need help learning how to do that better. Psalms cover every range of human emotions. During these days, we have a lot of emotions …



Jesus’ ministry only lasted three years, but the effect of it has completely changed history. In studying the critical components of his ministry, we can better ascertain the purpose for which he came. Download Handout – 08 – Ministry Video Audio The Revelation of the Christ Teaching with Authority Jesus started his teaching ministry when …


Jesus Isn’t Hindered By Your Past

If you open your Bible to John 4, you will read a story that tells us much about the ministry and method of Jesus. In this narrative, we read how Jesus intentionally encountered a woman at a well with a scandalous past. As you read, notice the different ways Jesus interacted with her. If you …