Between the birth of Jesus and the beginning of his ministry, little is known about his life. The gospel authors reported very sparse details, but what we do know provides great insight into his preparation for the ministry. Download Handout – 07 – Preparation Video Audio Notes Jesus’ Lost Years Jesus’ family flees to Egypt and later returns to Nazareth …


Don’t Make God Pay for Others’ Mistakes

Come, see the works of the LORD… (Ps. 46:8a). We have got to let God off the hook for everyone else’s mistakes. Let’s face it: each of us has been let down by people too often to count. So many people live in a constant state of disappointment. With each disillusionment, we grow ever more hesitant to trust another again. …



The New Testament begins with the incarnation of Jesus Christ. God came in the flesh to rescue us. Video Audio Notes Download Handout – 06 – Incarnation Incarnate comes from Latin and means “in the flesh” (in – in, carnis – flesh). Prophecy Jeremiah 23:5 – Behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will raise up for …


The 4 Gospels

As we study the New Testament, we must unpack the reasoning, audience, and direction of the 4 Gospels. Download Handout – 05 – The 4 Gospels Video Audio

New Testament Overview

The New Testament is 27 books that tell 1 story. Learn how the New Testament was compiled and organized in order to observe the impact it has made. Download Handout – 04 – New Testament Overview Video Audio

What Jesus Taught Us as a Middle Schooler

God often provides examples for us to follow. He does things not because they are necessary for him, but because he knows they will be essential for us. When God rested on the seventh day of Creation (Gen. 2:2-3), he was not exhausted (Isa. 40:28) but knew that we would be. He rested as an example so that we would …


Ask Pastor Trav [Episode 4]

In this Resurrection Sunday edition of Ask Pastor Trav, we engage one simple question: Can God be trusted during difficult times? To answer this question, Pastor Travis reads a writing he compiled called Jesus’ resume to remind us of his power, concern, and willingness. VIDEO AUDIO

The Timeline of Holy Week

Maybe you know about Jesus, but have you ever studied what the Bible says about the week leading up to his death and resurrection? Holy Week is remembered as the days when Jesus changed the world. Spanning from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday, here are the events and passages describing the days leading up to Jesus’ death and the moments …


Ask Pastor Trav [Episode 3]

This week’s edition of Ask Pastor Trav prepares us to answer questions regarding Jesus’ death and resurrection. 5 Questions 1. Did Jesus have a substitute on the cross?2. Did Jesus actually die?3. Do the Gospels agree about the resurrection details?4. Is the tomb really empty?5. Did the disciples lie about the resurrection? And if Christ has not been raised, then …


Ask Pastor Trav [Episode 2]

Since we can’t gather for Equip tonight, Pastor Trav is answering 5 submitted questions in a 30-minute segment called, “Ask Pastor Trav.” Enjoy! 5 Questions Where did Jesus go after he died? Should we obey the government’s gathering guidelines? Should we treat Easter Sunday differently? What could God be teaching the Church during this time? What could God be teaching …