Don’t Make God Pay for Others’ Mistakes

Come, see the works of the LORD… (Ps. 46:8a).

We have got to let God off the hook for everyone else’s mistakes.

Let’s face it: each of us has been let down by people too often to count. So many people live in a constant state of disappointment. With each disillusionment, we grow ever more hesitant to trust another again.

From family members to friends, we have been hurt numerous times. Whether it was an individual or an institution, we know the pain of getting close enough to something and discouraged by what we discovered behind the veil. For so many people, their letdowns became almost too expected and normative. Each of us can struggle with thinking that the only sure thing in this life is that people will disappoint you. 

Along the way, we make God pay for the mistakes of others.

For all the people who have proven to be unreliable, we associate their nature with God’s nature. We confuse God’s reliability with our expectations of how and when He should act.

  • What would be the leading reasons why people would distrust authority figures?
  • Do you think anything in your past distorts your perception of God?

Be reminded of the faithfulness of Jesus. Not only is this topic a critical point for your belief, but you might need to be reminded of it for your behavior as well. 

We’ve all been let down, but it was never by God. He is faithful. Even when we are not, he remains faithful.

If we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.

2 Timothy 2:13