Attempting God’s Work Through Your Power

Exodus 2:11-25 – Moses desired to deliver God’s people through his strength, but his efforts would never suffice. If God calls us to something great, we must realize His power must accomplish it.

The Failure of “My Truth”

A culture that defends its beliefs and behaviors on personal ideations of what feels true to an individual is one that is destined to fail. No matter how much “you do you,” you will ultimately have to make an account before God.

Can You Let God Down?

When we characterize our missteps as letting God down, we imply that we are holding him up in the first place. If God’s well-being is contingent upon our success, we are all in trouble.

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

The chance of losing salvation depends on whose work it is ultimately. While we could undeniably fumble, God is entirely faithful. 

The Danger of a God We Could Edit

We want ever so desperately to serve a deity whom we have the freedom and capability to edit. Our altered version of God would run this world into the ground because he would look too much like us.