Why Is “LORD” All Caps in the Old Testament?

If you’ve ever read sections of the Old Testament, you might have realized that “LORD” is sometimes written with all capital letters. The translators are trying to indicate something essential to us within that distinguishing formatting.

On a First Name Basis with God

God is not a distant deity in the sky, unwilling to be known by His people. He provides us with His name, indicating the type of relationship He desires to have with us.

It Can Sound Spiritual But Not Be Biblical

There are a lot of spiritual teachings and teachers out there, but not all of them are biblical. We must avoid being tossed around by somewhat true statements that keep us from the clarity of God’s Word.

Rediscovering Who God Is

Exodus 34:1-9 – God provided Moses with a description of Himself that became one of the most repeated characterizations in the Bible. As we unpack who God says He is, we discover the beauty and balance of His nature. 

Dependent Upon God’s Presence

Exodus 33:1-23 – God invited Moses into a staggering type of intimate friendship with Himself. Moses became so accustomed to that level of proximity with God that He refused to go forward without it.

God Is Not Annoyed by You

You can be sincerely convinced in your mind about what God is like, and you can be sincerely wrong. God is not as bothered with you as you might think.

The Chutes and Ladders God

Many people follow the Chutes and Ladders God. We reckon that God depends on our ethical integrity to determine how he should best deal with us.

Keep God’s Name Holy

Exodus 20:7 – The third commandment discouraged the people from vainly using God’s name. God’s name represents who He is, and we must never frivolously use it for any type of sinful agenda.