God Does Love You That Much

When Jesus prayed to our Heavenly Father, it was not the first time Scripture referred to God in such fathering terms. In God’s character, we discover the type of compassionate care we desperately need.

Slow to Anger

Not many of us would describe ourselves as slow to anger because people and situations can unnerve us quickly. We should stand in grateful awe of the God who could lose His cool with us and doesn’t.

This Father Won’t Overlook You

Many people know the pain of never feeling like they were enough by the standards of a father or another authority figure. When we come to our Heavenly Father, He provides the exact opposite of what many of us have experienced.

Why We Need a Shepherd

When you consider the lack of formidable qualities of sheep, you might feel offended that Scripture regularly compares us to such creatures. But with such a helpless designation, we realize how reliable our Shepherd is.

The Fatherhood of God Isn’t a Bad Thing

With so many poor examples of fathers, it should be no surprise that considering God as Father presents quite a challenge. We must push through our baggage and see our Heavenly Father as described in Scripture.

God Doesn’t Need You

We often think God is desperately recruiting volunteers to get His work done, but that isn’t the case. The fact that God doesn’t need us makes His invitation all the more glorious.

Righteousness Requires a Standard

We can’t just make up standards without God’s help because we could never agree. If we are going to comprehend right and wrong, we must understand that righteous requires a standard.

Why Is “LORD” All Caps in the Old Testament?

If you’ve ever read sections of the Old Testament, you might have realized that “LORD” is sometimes written with all capital letters. The translators are trying to indicate something essential to us within that distinguishing formatting.