Booking Your Relationships

n your hectic schedule, do you ever feel like the most important relationships get the least amount of time? We only have so many hours in a day, and many of us are so burdened by tasks that we miss the relationships for which we are called to invest.

The Deceivers


Even though the rain was still coming down in Greenwood, the worship was going up.  It was such a special time today as we studied 2 John and celebrated the release of our “Knowing Jesus – Live” CD and DVD.  The above picture was from soundcheck with my lil’ man Eli worshiping alongside me.  He doesn’t miss a beat or a lyric.  Rock solid.  I need to get him up there with me past soundcheck some time.

The time of worship was really special.  We did only music from “Knowing Jesus” and had a ton of singers, band members, choir members, kids’ choir, and teach can percussion ensemble.  It was a lil’ rowdy this morning.

Today, we worshiped to: