The Work of God

God’s providential work among creation ensures that His benevolent identity guides His sovereign activity. To know the heart of God is to trust the hand of God. 

Wiki God [Available Now]

My new book on the attributes of God is available now! I have never poured my soul into a project like I have this one, and I am so eager to share it with you. WIKI GOD available now ( 📖. Wiki is a type of website that allows collaborative editing of its content. Anyone can become an expert on

The Justice of God

Anselm of Canterbury was an Italian monk who was born in the 11th century.  His work in theology and philosophy greatly assisted the Church.  He once posed an important question to God: “How dost Thou spare the wicked if Thou art just, supremely just?” His question and the biblical answer is important to our personal theology as we wrestle with

The Omniscience of God

How much does God know?  Is God’s understanding increasing as the centuries progress?  The attribute regarding God’s capacity for knowledge is foundationally important to how we approach Him. Incorrect Perception: The Undergraduate God As students begin their college careers, many are still unsure regarding their desired outcome.  Beginning with general electives, they begin to sort through new information and slowly

The Grace of God

The grace of God is foundational for our salvation and our sanctification.  Without the grace of God, we have no basis for a relationship with Him. Incorrect Perception: The Chutes and Ladders God Chutes and Ladders is a game that seeks to defeat your opponents by being the first to reach the top square of the board.  You move higher

The Omnipresence of God

The omnipresence of God means that God is everywhere at the same time.  While such an infinite concept is difficult for finite minds to comprehend, is it true?  How does that change our perception of God? Incorrect Perception: The Overbooked God Have you ever tried to get an appointment with that really busy person?  You keep trying to get on

The Holiness of God

Studying the attributes of God, it is critical to address the issue of God’s holiness.  What does the holiness of God really mean? Incorrect Perception: The Grade-on-a-Curve God After every test taken within the halls of academia, there is at least one student praying that the teacher will grade on a curve.  Due to a lack of preparation or a

The Wisdom of God

Studying the attributes of God, it is critical to address the issue of God’s wisdom.  Can God be trusted to make the right decisions? Incorrect Perception: The Pollster God A pollster is someone who organizes, conducts, and analyzes opinion polls.  Due to their research, they are able to take a cross-section of society, ask some pertinent questions, and provide the

The Faithfulness of God

Studying the attributes of God, it is critical to address the issue of God’s faithfulness.  Can God be trusted to do what he says he will do? Incorrect Perception: The Unreliable God The unreliable god is walking around with some significant baggage left by numerous people in our lives.  Each of us knows what it feels like to be forgotten

The Transcendence of God

Attributes of God are the foundational beliefs about who God is and what He is like that comes from Scripture.  You can’t worship a God fully if you only know Him partially.

One critical attribute to study is the transcendence of God.