Wiki God [Available Now]

My new book on the attributes of God is available now! I have never poured my soul into a project like I have this one, and I am so eager to share it with you.

WIKI GOD available now ( 📖.

Wiki is a type of website that allows collaborative editing of its content. Anyone can become an expert on anything. We are currently living in a time that has taken this type of editable approach to theology.

Our culture worships the Wiki God. We want ever so desperately to serve a deity whom we have the freedom and capability to edit.

Many people are attempting to revise the Christian faith by cutting out what they don’t like, copying favorable ideas from other worldviews, and pasting them into some hopeless attempt at a hybrid faith.

Instead of editing who God is to align with our expectations, we must align ourselves with the Bible to help us understand what God has revealed to us concerning himself.

In each chapter of this book, a common misconception of God is presented followed by a description of the biblical attribute that seeks to correct the current cultural leanings.

We don’t need our versions of God. We simply need God.

WIKI GOD available now ( 📖.