The Chutes and Ladders God

Many people follow the Chutes and Ladders God. We reckon that God depends on our ethical integrity to determine how he should best deal with us.

Only God Can Determine Justice

While we all claim to have a standard of right and wrong, that justification can only come from God. If God exists, and I believe He does, then He is the only one with the right and responsibility to determine what justice is.

The Just Injustice of the Cross

God possesses both lavish extensions of grace and unwavering standards of holiness. These two seemingly competing principles find their peace at the cross, where Jesus takes the just punishment unjustly for our sins.

The Failure of “My Truth”

A culture that defends its beliefs and behaviors on personal ideations of what feels true to an individual is one that is destined to fail. No matter how much “you do you,” you will ultimately have to make an account before God.

Just Because We Are Unreliable Doesn’t Mean That God Is

Along the way, we make God pay for the mistakes of others. For all the people who have proven to be unreliable, we associate their nature with God’s nature. We stare at the promises of God and demand that we receive a deadline of when they will come to pass.

The Grade-on-a-Curve God

After every test taken within the halls of academia, at least one student is praying that the teacher will graciously grade on a curve. Due to a lack of preparation or a believed impossible standard, the student just hopes that enough of his classmates did as poorly as he thought he did that the teacher will be forced to bump

The Video Screen God

In every arena of our culture, we have grown more accustomed to viewing leaders speak to crowds from video screens. Preachers preach, teachers teach, trainers train, comedians entertain, doctors prescribe, and musicians inspire all from the convenience of a video screen. From the comfortable safety of our devices and the detached nature of their mediums, we have grown accustomed to