The Permission Seeking God

At every stage of life, we each know the annoying nature of having to ask permission from a higher authority. As a child, we longed for the days when we could eat as many cookies whenever we wanted, ignite fireworks in the most confined of places, and entertain ourselves with whatever mediums that suited our

The Talent Judge God

The contestant fearfully strolls up to the microphone. Attempting to stay calm and maintain a certain degree of composure only makes her breath quicken more. She couldn’t have practiced more for this moment, but she inwardly panics wondering if it was enough. With the bright lights blinding, she can hear the crowd offering generous applause,

The Fuddy-Duddy God

You can spot a fuddy-duddy a mile away. Their pants are too high, their shoes are too outdated, their music is too quiet, and their schedule is too lame. Everywhere they go, these old-fashioned fossils just exude a boring traditionalism. As card-toting sticks-in-the-mud, their square conformist mentality flees from anything remotely fun or exciting.  

The Pollster God

A pollster in our culture is someone who organizes, conducts, and analyzes opinion polls. Due to their research, they can take a cross-section of society, ask some pertinent questions, and provide the rest of the culture with information regarding the leanings of the majority of people polled. In light of this information, many people will

Rejecting the Wiki God

Our culture worships the Wiki God. We want ever so desperately to serve a deity whom we have the freedom and capability to edit. Many people are attempting to revise the Christian faith by cutting out what they don’t like, copying favorable ideas from other worldviews, and pasting them into some hopeless attempt at a

714 Reasons to Read Wiki God

Wiki God is finally available. It is a book I authored on the attributes of God. Despite the fact that I wrote it, I do think it is a book worth reading. In fact, I have 714 reasons why. As I completed the book, I decided to compile a Scripture index at the back of

Wiki God [Available Now]

My new book on the attributes of God is available now! I have never poured my soul into a project like I have this one, and I am so eager to share it with you. WIKI GOD available now ( 📖. Wiki is a type of website that allows collaborative editing of its content. Anyone

Why I Wrote Wiki God

Wiki God is a book that has been a work in progress…a long progress. Here’s why I wrote the book. WIKI GOD available now ( . I began following Jesus when I was seven years old. Like every believer, I’ve had times of encouraging growth and times of glaring apathy. My story has significant milestones along the

You Really Are a Theologian

As I grew and developed in my faith, I was given the opportunity to lead many small groups. Even as a teenager and collegiate, many people trusted me with the opportunity to open up God’s Word and teach from it to varying degrees of eager learners. Does that scare you? It did me. And it

Wiki God Book Overview

I am nearing completion on a book that has been simmering in my soul for years now.  It is called Wiki God.  The book is my attempt to remedy theological misunderstanding by teaching the biblical attributes of God.  It has been a difficult yet rewarding endeavor. While I am in editing mode, I wanted to