714 Reasons to Read Wiki God

Wiki God is finally available. It is a book I authored on the attributes of God.

Despite the fact that I wrote it, I do think it is a book worth reading. In fact, I have 714 reasons why.

As I completed the book, I decided to compile a Scripture index at the back of the book. In the case that someone was looking for a verse reference, I wanted it to be easy for the reader to find it. I didn’t realize that by doing that search, I would delay the book’s release by a few days.

There are 714 scriptural references in Wiki God.

There’s only 215 pages of content (including some blank pages in that). The Scripture index requires 7 pages just to include all the references.

That’s why I believe it is a book worth reading. Wiki God is a book based on God’s Word more than my word.

As I compiled the list, I was overwhelmed at each reference I cataloged. I was reminded of the glory contained in each verse of Scripture referenced. Obviously, I wouldn’t ever take the time to write and release a book if I didn’t believe what I was saying. Yet as I complied those references, I believed even more in the content because it reminded me of the desire.

I pray that my book will get you into His Book.

Years ago, my life changed when I became a student of the Bible, and I began to learn the character and the conduct of God. I would be honored if my volume could help you in that process as well.

WIKI GOD available now (https://amzn.to/2VAg0K0) .

Chapter Listing

Instead of naming each chapter title on the omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience of God, I went down a different route. Since people seem to edit who God is, I used a common misconception of God’s identity as the chapter title and then the attribute solves the problem.

I address 18 attributes of God in the book with an introduction and conclusion chapter to serve as needed bookeneds for the project.

The chapter titles reveal a common miscalculation of who God is.  The information past the title is the biblical attribute discussed in that particular chapter.

  1. The Editable God – Intro
  2. The Needy God – The Independence of God
  3. The Man Upstairs God – The Transcendence of God
  4. The Video Screen God – The Immanence of God
  5. The Geriatric God – The Eternality of God
  6. The Upgraded God – The Immutability of God
  7. The Little Engine That Could God – The Omnipotence of God
  8. The Overbooked God – The Omnipresence of God
  9. The Undergraduate God – The Omniscience of God
  10. The Pollster God – The Wisdom of God
  11. The Permission-Seeking God – The Sovereignty of God
  12. The Unreliable God – The Faithfulness of God
  13. The Grade on a Curve God – The Holiness of God
  14. The Shady Past God – The Righteousness of God
  15. The Pushover God – The Justice of God
  16. The Thunderbolt God – The Mercy of God
  17. The Fuddy-Duddy God – The Goodness of God
  18. The Talent Judge God – The Love of God
  19. The Chutes and Ladders God – The Grace of God
  20. The Buffet God – Conclusion

WIKI GOD available now (https://amzn.to/2VAg0K0) .