My Birthday Gift [To You]

I am so thankful to be able to celebrate another birthday today. While I know it is customary to receive gifts, I really wanted to give gifts on this day. I first read about the idea when Bilbo Baggins gave everyone gifts at his birthday party in The Fellowship of the Ring. Seems like a great idea!

So my gift I’m giving you today is 2 chapters from Wiki God. It’s a book I wrote on the attributes of God. The last year of my life had many early mornings and late evenings dedicated to this book.

I have never poured over a project as much as I did this one. Given the subject matter, I don’t think I have ever worked on a more important project in ministry than this volume. I loved agonizing over the best word choices, sentence flows, and chapters order.

So, this is my birthday gift to you. I pray that these chapters cause you to consider the dangerous complexities of our culture right now and how the biblical attributes of God help us all find the consistency that we need.

Of course, if you are interested, you can get a paperback or Kindle version on Amazon.

If nothing else, I hope that these words cause a desire in you to study the God of the Bible more than ever before.