Jesus Loves Us This I Know

Jesus loves me, this I know, but the Bible tells me that He loves us so. The widespread form of His love teaches something important about His heart and our need for one another.

How to Pray When Life Has Worn You Out

Life is challenging enough even with God in one’s life; it is hard to imagine navigating this world without Him. To endure the suffering of this life, we must pray for God to give us the strength required to persevere.

Earnest Excellence

If we do something well, we ought to do it not to be flashy, but because we want to be faithful to whatever God has called us to do. We are working for Jesus on behalf of the people for whom He died, so we should give our absolute best.

The Change I’m Praying for in Me

While I have many prayer requests to share, the consistent prayer need is my own spiritual growth. Instead of trying to work in my own strength, I would be wise to admit to God, through prayer, how much I need His help.

Developing Godly Ambition

While we have plenty of examples of ambitious people eager to succeed for all the wrong reasons, that shouldn’t discourage you from being ambitious for godly motivations. Desiring to make your life count for God is as noble a motivator as possible.

Why Are My Prayers Inconsistent?

If your prayer life consistency is based on how you feel, you will only connect with God when you are desperate. But that’s not healthy. We need something more. We need to have an established connection with God that endures through all times.

Unrestricted Access

We often compartmentalize our lives. We have a section for faith. We have another area reserved for our family. We sort our hobbies over here and our entertainment over there. But what if our lives are not meant to be made up of isolated components?

4 Things All Employees Need from Their Bosses

Many people grow weary of a leader not due to a character flaw but a competency flaw. If you are a supervisor to anyone, I would ask that you consider what could be done through your church if you took this aspect of your job seriously.

Distinctive Discipleship

If every Christian is in a unique place surrounded by specific challenges, why do we think that a widespread approach will work for every single one of us? Let me help you design a personal plan for spiritual maturity.