Tell Your Kids Your Story

One of the greatest tools parents have to teach their children is the lessons learned along the way. Don’t miss opportunities to share your stories of success and failures to help them navigate their paths.

Defining Successful Parenting

Successful parenting must be defined by what God values most in our children’s lives. Parents must take the responsibility to be the primary evangelists and disciple-makers.

Church Changes to Unite Families

If we are not careful, our churches’ programming will widen the division already present among family members. Here are some changes to consider regarding how your church can unite your family to pursue Christ.

Fight for Your Family

Church leaders equipping committed parents to disciple their children will accomplish much for the Kingdom and keep the next generation secure. In the fight to protect the home, the church leadership can and should provide the right tools to defend the home.

Make Our Home Your Home

It was more obvious back in the day when another god had a family’s allegiance due to the shiny statue in the living room. Nowadays, idolatry might not be as blatant but that does not mean it is absent. The lures of this world have many homes within their grasps vying for every ounce of devotion a family can muster.  Fathers …


No One Leaves a Godly Legacy By Accident

The Agnews love to be outside.  It is always fun sharing adventures together in the fresh air. When we were teaching the boys to throw and kick the ball years ago, something unique happened one evening in the front yard.  I attempted to share the ball with the boys, but their favorite thing was not to have the ball themselves.  …


Guide the Next Generation

One of the highlights of Family Camp was taking my children on their very first canoe ride.  I had the three children (ages 6, 6, and 2), while Amanda and Tammy were in another canoe.  You might think I was brave, but I think it would have more dangerous being in the canoe with Amanda and Tammy with how jumpy and …


When the Church Hinders the Family

I mentioned earlier this week that my job has changed.  Serving as a Family Pastor has unique challenges.  For some people, they may think that I am going to provide specific help in family situations.  For others, they think that I will be overseeing all children’s and student ministries at the church.  Some people may think I will provide the …


Fast Forward with the Family

I was privileged to serve alongside South Main Baptist Church in Greenwood yesterday.  They are currently in a search for their next pastor and some of their staff and friends of the church have been asked to fill the pulpit until the interim pastor is selected.  I am blessed enough to be considered a friend and got to preach for …


Bring the Family Back Together

I’ve been haunted by a question lately: do most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen with their family or without their family?

The more and more I talk with people, the same answer I continue to get.  Most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen when they are not with their family.  It happens at youth camp or youth group.  It happens off at college with a group of peers.  It happens in a one-on-one conversation with someone outside the family.

While I praise God for all of those programs and people, I also find that a disconnect from the family serves to have long-term negative effects.  When youth group becomes your place for spiritual growth, those people have a hard time growing when they aren’t in the youth group anymore.  That student moves to college, that student pastor has new students to watch over, and unfortunately, that person no longer has a spiritual mentor in his or her life.

But, they should.  Dad and Mom should be the primary evangelist and disciple-maker in that child’s life.

Most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen without their family.

And we need to change that.