The Most Life-Changing Decision in College

The single most life-altering change I made in college was when I finally decided to read the Bible. I became dissatisfied with riding the coattails of others’ biblical knowledge, and I have yet to recover from the transformation that occurred.

Why Some Christians Thrive in College

I have witnessed too many students begin college following Christ but leave far from Him. In my years of ministry, one particular element makes the difference between those who make it and those who don’t.

All Beliefs Cannot Be True

Students desiring to follow Jesus in college must decide how they will define truth. If you don’t know what you believe or why you believe it, forces can successfully alter your worldview based on cultural opinions.

The Potential Impact of Christian College Students

Christian college students have a unique opportunity to live for Jesus at that stage in life at a more intentional and intense pace than previously able. Many fail to thrive during those years, even though the potential is unlike any other time.

Collegiates Casually Committed to Christ

Many college students treat their spiritual life like a compartmentalized doggie box. You know those types of boxes that have different compartments for the different types of food?  Due to a fear of the food touching, it keeps these different items separate from one another.  Many students I know do that with the different sections of their lives. You have …


Freshman 15 – 2nd Edition

Seven years ago, I completed a manual for college students who wanted to make much of Jesus.  I entitled it Freshman 15.  I wrote it because I kept answering the same questions to college students regarding living for Jesus. Book Overview Freshman fifteen is an Americanized concept proposing that when students conclude their freshman year at college, they are approximately …


Money Matters

Spending temptations are everywhere.  With the click of a “Buy” button, you can easily get all your favorite music on iTunes and simultaneously run up a bill of a hundred dollars.  Ultimately we spend and borrow, and we begin to develop a method of spending that is self-destructive.   Unwise financial decisions will cost you more than what you ever …


The Danger of Worldliness

I tend to look at the shape of our world and the morals of people who aren’t following Jesus and think that I am a pretty good guy.  I look around at how blatantly sinful other people are, and my “respectable” and “quiet” sins don’t seem as severe, and gradually I just get complacent. I look at other people’s standard …