Defining Successful Parenting

Successful parenting must be defined by what God values most in our children’s lives. Parents must take the responsibility to be the primary evangelists and disciple-makers.

The Necessary Switch in Your Marriage

Marriage cannot work if someone has a higher priority than the spouse. There must be a thorough yet healthy leaving of one’s initial family and a complete and eager cleaving of one’s unique spouse.

We Need Each Other

No matter how badly we’ve been hurt, we cannot escape our need for others. Relationships are challenging yet key for our survival.

Grace & Guidance

For every single person, our sin disrupts our relationship with God and others. Without intervention, there is no hope for us, but in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can find mercy for our transgressions and meaning in our brokenness.

Truth & Consequences

When Adam and Eve first sinned, it changed everything for them and us. God counseled them during the event and led them through the fallout. We can’t hide from the reality of what our sin costs nor can we overlook His grace through it.

Shame & Blame

You will sin. Your spouse will sin. What will you do when it happens? The first couple paved the way for us to repeat, unfortunately. They immediately hid from God and framed others in the awareness of their guilt.

Commandments & Compromises

Your marriage would be much easier if sin weren’t in the picture. Unfortunately for you and your spouse, it is unavoidable. Your marriage can survive if you work together to navigate temptation, sin, and restoration when it all happens.

Fruitful & Multiply

God’s original command to the first couple was to be fruitful and multiply. It was a call to take what He had given them in order to use it and multiply it to the best of their God-given abilities. God is up to something, and your marriage can be a part of it.