Commandments & Compromises

Your marriage would be much easier if sin weren’t in the picture. Unfortunately for you and your spouse, it is unavoidable. Your marriage can survive if you work together to navigate temptation, sin, and restoration when it all happens.

Fruitful & Multiply

God’s original command to the first couple was to be fruitful and multiply. It was a call to take what He had given them in order to use it and multiply it to the best of their God-given abilities. God is up to something, and your marriage can be a part of it.

Naked & Unashamed

To have a healthy marriage, you must consider numerous components. One area that is rarely discussed from a scriptural perspective is the role sexual intimacy is intended to play. We must reorient ourselves to God’s perspective.

Leave & Cleave

Marriage cannot work if someone has a higher priority than the spouse. There must be a thorough yet healthy leaving of one’s initial family and a complete and eager cleaving of one’s unique spouse. It is essential.

Helpless & Alone

God designed marriage to provide a helper because He knew that, even before sin, we needed someone to walk beside us in life. We aren’t wired to navigate life alone. In our need, He offers us a companion.

Formed & Filled

You were created by God for a certain purpose. And every person in this world will either encourage you to fulfill that purpose or discourage you from that calling. Out of all your relationships, there is none more serious than your spouse.

The Devil Can’t Make You Do It

Have you ever wondered why the devil, the imposing leader of a rebellious army of supernatural beings, appeared in the Bible first as a serpent? It may have something to do with the truth that the devil can’t make you do anything.

The God Who Is for You

God is so for you that He actually gave you commandments that will benefit your life if you choose to obey them. Don’t buy the lie that His rules are meant to take the joy from your life.