Dragging Behind the Wedding Getaway Car

When discussing the cover design for my premarital book, Just (About) Married, I wanted it to say something deep.

But I didn’t want it to be obvious either.

Looking for an iconic look, we went with the getaway car concept. While some wedding parties tie cans or other loud rattlers behind the bride and groom’s car, I considered what they really are traveling with long term.

In the middle of the cans on the book cover is an apple with a bite taken from it. The design is supposed to conjure up thoughts of Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden. And yes, I know that we don’t know if it was an apple, but you proved my point when you thought of that scene if you noticed the bite of the apple.

Behind every individual and union are the effects of the Fall.

Marriage is challenging because of sin.

I think about it this way.

Unfortunate Baggage

The first marriage fell because they listened to lies rather than aligning with the truth. 

Their marriage and family experienced great conflict due to sin, yet God showed them unmeasurable grace. Don’t waste the lessons of what derailed the first marriage. Discover what got them off track and how God put them back together – with Himself and each other.

Before you hop into the getaway car at your wedding reception, realize that you will have some unfortunate baggage. Dragging behind your union like rattling cans tied to your bumper is an additional impediment. We each carry evidence of Eden’s eviction behind us. The forbidden fruit follows us everywhere we go. The effects of the Fall are real. 

While beginning something new, the old you carry must also be dealt with. Like Adam and Eve, we have each assumed we have the right to define what is acceptable or not. And proof of our guilt clanks continually as we attempt to make progress. Once you are married, the reality of sin never leaves you, but neither does the One who can make something beautiful out of it all. 

You’re just (about) married. Make sure you do the work now to stay married for the long haul.

More Info

You’re just (about) married but not yet. With all the preparations you are making, don’t overlook the most important one. You must prepare for a marriage rather than just plan for a wedding. Once the event is over, you have a lifetime with one person, and what is your expectation?

This resource can prepare you for a healthy marriage. Instead of a substitute, use this resource to supplement premarital counseling. No couple is ever fully prepared for marriage, but this book seeks to help couples navigate with biblical wisdom as they begin their marriage. Exploring Genesis 1-3, we find the way marriage was intended, what broke it, and what can restore it.