Don’t Give Them What They Deserve

Our tendency is to repay people for any negative words or harmful actions, but Jesus taught quite the opposite. The way of the kingdom is counter-cultural and yet life-giving.

Let It Go

When we’ve been wronged, it’s easy for us to turn into judge, jury, and executioner. We’ve been unfairly hurt, and we think it would be fitting to make things right. The problem is this: we are not the ones who make it right—that’s God’s job.

It’s time for us to let it go.

“Forgive the same way Jesus forgives: freely and willingly. Acknowledge God as the rightful Judge over that persons’ life” (The Resolution, page 176).

If someone has hurt you, it’s simply difficult to let it go. Read Romans 12:17-21 and discover how God desires us to handle our hurts:


The Reason for Reconciliation

Who has a problem with you? Maybe you know they have said things to you or about you. Maybe they have been distant ever since that one day. The issue is so real you can feel the conflict when around them or when their name is mentioned.

Today, we are going to study a passage of Scripture that should completely altar your schedule today. No matter what you have on the agenda, something is about to take priority over all other matters: it’s time to seek reconciliation with those you have wronged. Read Jesus’ words on the issue in Matthew 5:23-24.