Let It Go

When we’ve been wronged, it’s easy for us to turn into judge, jury, and executioner. We’ve been unfairly hurt, and we think it would be fitting to make things right. The problem is this: we are not the ones who make it right—that’s God’s job.

It’s time for us to let it go.

“Forgive the same way Jesus forgives: freely and willingly. Acknowledge God as the rightful Judge over that persons’ life” (The Resolution, page 176).

If someone has hurt you, it’s simply difficult to let it go. Read Romans 12:17-21 and discover how God desires us to handle our hurts:

17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Try to do what is honorable in everyone’s eyes.  18 If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone. 19 Friends, do not avenge yourselves; instead, leave room for His # wrath. For it is written: Vengeance belongs to Me; I will repay, says the Lord.

20 But if your enemy is hungry, feed him.
If he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
For in so doing you will be heaping fiery coals on his head. 
21 Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.

Think of someone who has hurt you. Who is someone you need to forgive?

What kind of evil do you think is deserving for the evil that was done to you (v. 17)?

Our flesh desires that justice is served by our hands or in a way fitting to us. God tells us that we should do our part to be at peace with everyone. So what step can you do to live at peace with this person (v. 18)?

What kind of good could you do to this person who has hurt you (v. 21)?

Commit these steps to the Lord and decide to let the pain and the hurt go. Hand it over into God’s capable hands and do your part to live at peace with those who have wronged you.