Seeking Community

In our age of pseudo-community provided by digital technology, we are missing out on the connection we were designed to meet and need. If you struggle to find your footing right now, it may be because you aren’t standing beside others.

We Need Each Other

No matter how badly we’ve been hurt, we cannot escape our need for others. Relationships are challenging yet key for our survival.

Multiplying Mindset at Church

One of the greatest blessings is when a small group begins to feel like a family, but that is also one of the greatest dangers as well if it prohibits others from experiencing the same thing. Are we willing to sacrifice for the sake of others?

Hopeful Hospitality at Church

Christians should know better than anybody that no one is too far gone. We serve a God who has done the impossible time and time again. So when people come to church in dire situations, do you still believe that there is hope?

Closed Cliques at Church

The church should be the most friendly, outgoing, warm, hospitable group of people in all the world, but that has not been all of our experiences. The longer we belong, the more difficult it is to remember what it was like before we did.

Intentional Availability

We all want those people in our lives who will ensure we never walk through dark days alone, but are we that kind of friend to others? Do we provide what we actually expect? To grow deeper relationships takes time and effort. It’s time to go the second mile in intentional availability.

Persevering Through Presence

You are committed to a church. That’s great, but how do you navigate the complexities of life when most of the challenging moments happen outside of your church gatherings? We need each other more than once a week.

Rejecting Shallow Relationships

As the people of God, we need relationships with one another, but we often settle for names on a role instead of relationships for life. Impactful relationships always start with intentionality. We have to commit to being together. It’s time to go the second mile in rejecting shallow relationships.

Creating Careful Accountability

As followers of Jesus, we are called to help one another follow Him ever more so closely. But how exactly are we supposed to do that? It starts by being intentional with one another regarding our personal commitments to Jesus. It’s time to go the second mile in creating careful accountability.