What If Groups Were Focused on Discipleship & Mission?

Our church relabeled our discipleship small group model a few years ago. In an effort to facilitate both discipleship and mission, we now use the term, “Gospel Group.”

We want our people to grow in the gospel and go with the gospel.

These smaller groups of people become the hub of connection for the church. We study the Scriptures to help one another apply them in our lives.

Grow in the Gospel

These groups are not mini-worship services for someone to preach in smaller venues. That’s why we encourage a facilitator leader rather than a lecturer. This format is geared more toward interaction than just information.

While groups will spend adequate time studying the Scriptures, there should be sufficient time to discuss how these truths should impact our lives directly. It is necessary for group members to feel there is a margin to share struggles and be honest regarding hesitancy to make the changes the Bible commands us to take.

These groups are also the most natural place to share personal discipleship guides to help each other continue growing in Christ.

Go with the Gospel

Instead of asking members to join a group and a mission team in this city, we want the Gospel Group to function as both. That’s why each group should encourage organized and organic outreach.

The organized part is where the leader facilitates opportunities for the members to go on a mission together in our city. The organic side encourages each other to be intentional with the gospel in the lives of those they are around regularly.

The ideal scenario is when someone responds to the gospel and follows a group member into a group. While we know conversion will happen in worship services, we pray for a day when most people join groups alongside the person who led them to Jesus. So, instead of being assigned to an unknown group, they are aligned with their evangelist and disciple-maker.

We want our people to grow in the gospel and go with the gospel. That’s why our groups are designed to facilitate both discipleship and missions.