Day 1’s sermon at Fuge 2016 was from Matthew 16:13-28 and entitled “Wikigod.”  The concept is that we are prone to try and change the identity of God.  We don’t like what we find out about him, so we change him to meet our preferences.  This was the first full sermon from the “Unashamed” theme. …


Know It

The Fuge theme for this summer was “Unashamed.”  Day 1’s focus was “Know It.”  The day was all about knowing the gospel.  This morning mini-sermon was from Romans 10:1-4. In this sermon, I tried to address the issue that many people have a zeal for the Lord but not according to knowledge.  A lot of people …



I preached this “Unashamed” sermon as an opening introduction to the theme at Fuge 2016.  The passage was Rom. 1:16-17. Main Points: If people have to ask you if Jesus is the most important relationship in your life, you’ve already answered them. I may be ashamed of my past, progress, and performance, but I am …


As for Me and My House

It was a great privilege to serve the people of Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church in Laurens, SC.  I preached for the DNOW and then the Sunday morning services. This sermon, “As for Me and My House,” was from Joshua 24 on family discipleship. Travis Agnew from Northside Bapt. Church from Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church on …


How to Cover a Multitude of Sins

I had the privilege a couple of weekends ago to preach in Kentucky for a DNOW that united 17 churches in the area.  After the main events for the group, I also got the privilege to preach at Northside Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, KY. The DNOW weekend focused on the Book of James, so I …


Doers of the Word

I recorded this mini-sermon for a university team to watch while they were on the road.  I pray it is a blessing to you. James 1:22-25 teaches that we are not to be merely hearers of the Word but doers of the Word.

Racism and the Gospel

On January 27, 2016, I preached at North Greenville University’s chapel on the topic of “Racism and the Gospel.” I think it struck a nerve that needed to be struck.  I had some incredible conversations with students and faculty since then.  Pray that maybe this will cause you to think about what the Bible has …


Singled Out

03.23.14 – Travis Agnew – Spring Renewal Services from Sermons & Videos on Vimeo.


“Abide” preached at North Greenville University Chapel.  Sermon based on John 15.