The Just Injustice of the Cross

God possesses both lavish extensions of grace and unwavering standards of holiness. These two seemingly competing principles find their peace at the cross, where Jesus takes the just punishment unjustly for our sins.

Unreliable Precautions

Tragedy struck when a Chinese policy to quarantine citizens who tested positive for Covid-19 killed 27 people on the midnight bus ride. It serves as a reminder that no matter how many precautions we take, we are never truly invincible.

Common Royalty

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the world comments on her impressive accomplishments as well as her family’s unfortunate dramas. No matter how much protection any of us have from outside threats, no one can protect us from ourselves.

Faith Without Wetsuits Is Dead

Plenty of people felt bad for the lady who lost her wedding ring in the ocean, but only one man did something about it. Our core beliefs ought to spring us into action rather than just cause us to comment.

Words Will Never Hurt Me

While the world was shocked that Will Smith struck Chris Rock at the Oscars, we can’t overlook the fact that words led to that moment. Our speech has great power as well – how are we using it?

Prosperity & Partiality

When robbers approached the puplit of a church one Sunday, they walked away with $1 millon worth of jewelry from the pastor and his wife. Prosperity often leads to partiality, and we must avoid it at all costs.

Why an Unknown Leader Became a Cultural Icon

Most of the world had never heard of Volodymyr Zelenskyy until Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Why did an unknown leader become a cultural icon since the war began? Because he possessed something that we rarely see.

Impatient and Unrealistic Preaching

If I’m honest, I have an impatient attitude and unrealistic expectations for how people should respond to my preaching efforts. God has been extremely patient with me; I might better portray a patience with others as well.

Reestablishing Your Plan

It’s that glorious time of year as you are considering making new year resolutions that will most likely not last the week. Instead of making promises, what about making a plan?