Faith Without Wetsuits Is Dead

Maybe you’ve heard the iconic phrase from James: “faith without works is dead.” It’s a reminder that genuine faith in God should produce tangible actions on our part. I heard a story recently that illustrated that point vividly.

Francesca Teal and her husband were enjoying time together at North Beach in Hampton, New Hampshire when a horrible accident happened. While they were throwing a football to one another, her diamond wedding ring slipped off and fell into the ocean. To add more weight to the accident, the ring originally belonged to her great-grandmother. After spending hours searching, they eventually returned home without the ring.

She shared the tragic news on Facebook with many offering her sincere condolences. Many people sent encouraging messages and shared the story with others. Eventually, a 60-year-old man named Lou Asci saw the post and decided to do something about it. He garnered a wetsuit, headlamp, and metal detector and initiated a search without Teal knowing about it.

He initially searched unsuccessfully for three days but eventually discovered a ring under the sand on the ocean floor. After uploading a picture, he wrote a message to Teal saying, “Please tell me this is the ring so I can finally get off this beach.” Not only was it her ring, but her husband decided to get back on one knee once it returned in order to place it back on her finger. They were overwhelmed with gratitude toward a random stranger who decided to put his concern into action.

Plenty of people sent emojis to express their sorrow for her. Many people attempted to cheer her up. Numerous people decided to share the story on their feeds. But only one decided to do something about it.

What made Asci’s involvement so unique? He did more than share well wishes. He got in a wetsuit and did something about it.

Plenty of people tell us what should happen. Many people comment on ideal situations. We are surrounded by those who feel bad about our situations. But we need more than that. We need people to get in the water and go on the hunt.

Faith without wetsuits is dead.

Just like Asci possessed faith that believed the ring could be found, he got out and did something about it.

If we possess faith that God can do mighty things through us, we will get active in His work in this world.

If you have genuine faith, you should be able to produce more than just sincere comments. It should cause you to get into the middle of people’s situations and get involved.

So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

James 2:17