Stand Up for an Old Man

Age is intended to bring about a certain level of dignity and respect. Unfortunately, the older you get, the more neglected you become in our culture.

He FORGIVES Our Sin and REMOVES Our Guilt

Don’t let Leviticus scare you away! While this book can be hard to read with its long lists and gory details, it is a picture of all that Christ fulfilled with his sacrifice.  As you read the pages, be amazed at what Jesus accomplished once and for all through his death. Here are some notes …


Why Leviticus Is Worth Reading

Leviticus seems to be the Bible reading plan killer. After the commitment to read through the Bible, we make it through Genesis fairly well.  We slow down a tad in the middle of Exodus when we start reading about commandment topics spanning from morality to construction.  Then we arrive at Leviticus and make our ways …