What the World Missed at the SBC

The 2023 SBC Annual Meeting concluded in New Orleans with much to celebrate and some to consider. Our churches must prioritize figuring out how best to offer hope to the world.

A Prayer for the SBC Annual Meeting

As we approach another annual meeting for the Southern Baptist Convention, we are potentially in for more disagreements and controversies. My contribution is to pray for God’s will to be done in God’s way, and I hope you can join me.

The State of the Southern Baptist Convention (2022)

The Southern Baptist Convention is a fellowship of over 47,000 Baptist churches scattered across the United States and its territories. With growing concerns at the national level, it is important for our church to consistently evaluate our ongoing involvement with this group for the sake of the Great Commission.

The Convention Reckoning

It is a time of reckoning for the Southern Baptist Convention after the report of the Sexual Abuse Task Force. In light of all that has been done wrong in the past, it is time now to do what is right.

The State of the Southern Baptist Convention

Our church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention for the sake of fulfilling the Great Commission. With increasing conflicts within the denomination, we must clarify our church’s roles and responsibilities due to this connection.

Standing Room Only in the SBC

At the Southern Baptist Convention 2021 Annual Meeting, some things were better than imagined, and some realities were worse than expected. When there’s standing room only in the SBC, I pray for a day when it’s about the most important, unifying issues.

The Crazy Uncle in the SBC

For all the good that the Southern Baptist Convention does, there are those members out there embarrassing the rest of the family. After our victory for biblical inerrancy, I pray we do not lose the battle for ministry integrity.