Concentrating on Christ at Christmas

Christmas as it is celebrated today is badly in need of a radical reformation. What was at first a spontaneous expression of an innocent pleasure has been carried to inordinate excess.

Pursuing Tozer

A. W. Tozer was a pastor, theologian, and author that defied typical categories. His example is one to be studied for all those desirous to pursuing God.

Don’t Make God Pay for Your Dad’s Mistakes

[The following is an article assigned for an upcoming LifeWay curriculum.  The assigned task: help people who have a bad situation with their father understand God as heavenly father.]

Some people do not like to hear a certain word in church.  The word is bothersome to some.  The concept is down right offensive to others.  Due to so many people’s pasts, calling God, “Father,” is the worst possible name to ascribe to him and it leaves many Christians unsure of how to view God the Father.

Let’s face it: we live in a fatherless world.  Deadbeat dads are the cancer of our society.  A majority of children are growing up in homes with fathers either physically or emotionally estranged from them.  So when a person with baggage from their earthly father enters into church settings where the Heavenly Father is talked about, you see why so many people struggle.

Pastor and theologian, A. W. Tozer stated that “What comes to your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you.”  The implication of that statement can not be overstated.  Your perception of God has everything to do with how you live for him.

The problem is that many people view their Heavenly Father in the same way they view their earthly father.