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I Need Empty-Nesters’ Advice (What Would You Do Differently?)

I am a father.  The father of 2 two-year-old boys.

One of the things I notice from empty-nesters is a noticeable appreciation for things that currently gets on my nerves.  When my child does things that annoy me, I notice empty-nesters laugh it off.  At first I thought it was because it wasn’t their child, but now I’m beginning to believe it’s because they realize that they missed out on something.  They were too busy that they missed it their time around, and now they want to make up for it.

I asked two wise empty-nesters, if you were in my shoes with 2 young boys, what would you have done differently?

Two responses:

  1. “I said ‘no’ way too much.”
  2. “I didn’t slow down enough to spend time with them.”

Those are two responses that have really made me think this week, but I need more.  Calling all empty-nesters: if you could raise your children again, what would you do differently?