Good Friday Service Recap

I really don’t have too many words to describe North Side’s Good Friday service.  I have never heard our people sing out so much, and I have never seen such expressive worshipers.  We remembered the cross, and we could barely contain ourselves!

We celebrated communion, baptism, read Scripture, and worshiped.  I loved that one of our elders, Jerry Rentz, led the communion.  Most visitors would have imagined he was a staff member by how great of a job he did!  After the service, John Kennerly did a coffeeshop performance for us that was pure delightful.  Great day.

I kinda imagine that may be the 1st Good Friday service in a line of many more.  Just a hunch.

We worshiped to:

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  1. Jamie Ridgeway Woodard

    AWESOME service! "O the Blood" has quickly become one of my favorite songs.

  2. Travis Agnew

    Mine too.

  3. Brandy Holsonback Jones

    GREAT! Hope it is an annual event!

  4. Travis Agnew

    Brandy, I was thinking the same thing.

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