God’s Grand Plan to Restore

Fuge Camp at Liberty University – Day 4 Worship

Luke 24:13-35

The sacrifice of Jesus was never a Plan B to God’s redemptive work. The entire message of the Bible and the complete history of the world is working towards God’s grand conclusion of restoration.

  • The sacrifice of Jesus was never a Plan B to God’s redemptive work. 
  • The Bible is not a collection of disconnected, moralistic stories.
  • The Bible is the one overarching narrative of how the cross of Christ will rescue a fallen people.
  • God created the heavens and the earth
  • Mankind rebelled trying to prove their worth
  • Sin escalated to the shedding of blood
  • God’s wrath displayed in the form of a flood
  • Yet one was blessed to be a blessing
  • A nation promised, a Messiah coming
  • A people rescued out from slavery
  • The Law given to show their inability
  • Finally settled into the Promised Land
  • Yet the cycle of sin punished again and again
  • A kingdom established, kings took up the crown
  • Yet the greatest of men still let the people down
  • A nation divided while prophets warned in the streets
  • Until godless enemies came and administered defeats
  • A people in exile suffering with their guilt
  • A remnant returns, a city rebuilt
  • The people feared if they’d been left on their own
  • 400 silent years before the answer was known
  • Glory to God and peace upon the earth
  • A Savior was given, a virgin gave birth
  • God in the flesh lived free from sin
  • Jesus conveyed grace and truth from within
  • Recognized as teaching with authority
  • Despised and rejected by the Pharisees
  • Christ crucified on the hill of Calvary
  • Exchanged righteousness for our depravity
  • Yet on the third day, the Savior would rise
  • Commissioned the disciples in his ascent to the sky
  • The Holy Spirit empowered, the gospel unashamed
  • The Church established, giving everything away
  • No amount of persecution could keep the message back
  • Paul was converted, proclaimed the faith he attacked
  • Among the nations, churches were multiplied
  • Letters were sent, doctrine and practice clarified
  • A revelation was given for though the future seems grim
  • Christ will return and we will be with him

God is on a mission to restore, how will you join him?